June 1st, 2012   We've more than doubled our listed resources from just two weeks ago. We now have 530,000 books (eBooks). You can read them online, or download your choices into your computer for later study.  As well as these books, we also have about 5,000 databases. We are continuing with expanded arrangements to acquire more research resources over the next several months. One membership fee still allows full access to all our resources in more than 100 countries.

March 18, 2012   We now have more than 200,000 research resources listed. This the the largest one-month addition in the history of our website: 15,000 new resources in just 30 days The new format is now showing for all U.S. States, alphabetically, from Alabama to Minnesota. During the next 60 days the new format will be implemented for all remain States, as well every Province and Territory of Canada. In 90 days the new format will include up to 50 countries. The new format allows for faster searching, with more precision.

December 27, 2011  We have now achieved 175,000 research resources, spanning well over 100 countries. The resources continue to be organized in a new structural design. 

December 4, 2011. We added over 8,000 research resources to our online research resources just in the past 15 days. This brings the new total to more than 161,000 resources spanning more than 100 countries. The resources are being constantly organized into states, provinces, districts, counties, cities, towns and rural areas within major countries. The re-organization of our website has already resulted in reducing research time drastically while steadily increasing the number of resources instantly available.

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