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Once you join our library as a member, the first thing you will see is an Instruction Page. Please read it carefully, then click on the link which says "Continue to the Listings Section".

You will then arrive at a list of our main INDEX to various categories, which are made up of more than 150 countries as well as many special categories.

Once you click on a category, or its sub-categories, you will see a list of descriptions of resources.

Each resource is rated by a 5-star system: the most valuable resources have 5 stars, for example, and the least valuable resources have one star.

Click on any description of a website, database, list or book (eBook) and in a matter of seconds you are there, looking at the information you selected, ready to search and discover. When you are done, close that external website, and you are returned to the list.

The simple yet powerful organization of our website means far less wasted time, and fewer "trials and errors".

Our listed resources provide great benefits to all researchers, whether they are beginners, or professionals. It means you have information that is constantly being upgraded, globally, and you are always on the "front wave" of what is happening. You can use our website to search for people living in the present day, as well as for people living in centuries past. You can search for the history of any country, state, province, territory, or search through local histories. And finally, our antique maps are free to download.

We wish all of our new members "good hunting" and we welcome you to a new way of searching. If you enjoy your experience, tell your friends. If you have a problem, tell us.  When you help us, it comes around: we end up helping you again. Just email us at

Thank you!

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